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November 9, 2012
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Over a month ago I asked "Why do you love dA's Literature Community?" and I received an amazing response, with well over 60 participants! For the sake of length I'll be splitting this article into two parts, with the prize winners at the end of the second article which will be posted tomorrow! :eager:

SadisticIceCream and I decided it would be best that all the reasons remain anonymous because it is easier. So without further gushing from me, and in no particular order, here are some

Reasons to Love dA's Literature Community:

I love dA's lit community because it is filled with kind, good-humoured, knowledgeable and supportive people from all over the world, who are passionate about their craft. It seems that dA attracts the most talented amateur writers out there, meaning that there is a lot of wonderful work to read on this site across all styles and genres of literature. People are willing to help each other both practically and emotionally; we are keen to listen to each other, and to learn and improve, both as writers and in other aspects of our lives.

I'm very fond of the Literature Community because it's great to have the companionship, friendship and support of other authors, and it's great to have them in their other role too as intelligent, interested and honest readers. Also, being exposed to the many different groups within the community has encouraged  me to try my hand at new literary forms.

As a writer myself for many years, I had never publicly posted any of my work until I joined DA. That being said, I love the people here that participate in reading the literature posted here because they give honest feedback to your work, letting you know weather or not you did a good job or something is needing to be fixed. I also love these lit deviants because they have accepted my work for what it is, not how well its written or what its written about. I personally haven't read too many stories here myself, but I have tried to be as helpful to the authors of the stories I read, because they were helpful to me. In closing, I love them, because they accepted my writing for what it is; and were honest about it's faults while willing to praise where it's good.

For me writing has always been a means of communication. Even in everyday life I have been put in situations where I don't trust myself to speak and writings has been my only connection to other people. When I first joined this sight it had been so that I could just admire the work of others rather than contribute to the site myself. But any art I did was terrible. When I found out that there actually were groups dedicated to writing and all its forms I actually felt connected, involved the wider world. The Literature Community has allowed me to give life into ideas, find feedback and people with interests similar to my own. I have a facebook and yet I spend more time on this site. In the words of E.B White "Writing is both mask and unveiling." Here I can sit behind a screen and watch as people who I've never met get to know me through the words that I publish.

So, why I love dA's Literature Community. Many reasons really...

:bulletyellow: The support.
The whole community is really supportive of each other, probably much more willing to leave a constructive critical comment than any other faction of artists on dA - and when they leave a comment, they really do leave a comment. I have seen comments and critiques for pieces which far exceed the number of words written in the original work being commented on! Not only this, but as a group of deviants, we have achieved so much more than any other - weekly articles for all the different areas of our artform, as well as our very own brand of Daily Literature Deviations!

:bulletyellow: The etiquette.
I have never known any other group of artists to be so polite. Many of the writers here of deviantART take time off just to reply personally to your comment, or to thank you for a favourite, and not in a manufactured message. They take a moment just to appreciate you and work together as a group. They can often take the criticisms they receive without taking them to heart and turn them into something positive.

:bulletyellow: The respect.
When a writer receives an award in our community, I have noticed that he/she always receives not only the credit due for their particular piece, but that people look through the rest of their works and appreciate them on the whole. Writers here are happy to set up a group that works as a community and those particular deviants who are hugely respected by the newer ones volunteer much time to help everyone out, and it always pays off, rather than having a senior deviant who works their skin off to help the community and in return receives very little support back.

:bulletyellow: The people.
I love the atmosphere, too, the general kind of brotherhood provided; we all seem to understand each other and work on the same level, appreciate the same things.

It's a great way to support young authors and find support from other young authors. I've never seen a negative/unfairly critical comment on a piece of literature and it creates a very positive atmosphere!

I love the literature community because there are so many active members who make it their 'mission' to help struggling writers, be it with critiques, pointers or just words of encouragement. It is also a place to just share words that are close to your heart with others who may have similar words close to theirs.

I love it because it seems so much closer knit than the fine art community as a whole (I don't even think there is a fine art community, it's so scattered in many little groups) but that's what's interesting about the lit community, it's much closer!  I find that really interesting lol everyone seems to know everyone else and wants to make sure that everyone gets a bit of acknowledgment.

I love dA's literature community because I get to meet great writers. I can read awesome poetry (which is what I like to read, and write), and I can give feedback. I can also show others my poetry, and get supportive comments and constructive criticism. I love being able to talk to interesting people. I've made lots of friends on dA, and I've also been able to stay in touch with some of my friends whom I haven't seen in a while. I also met Chris on dA, whom I fell in love with, and we're hoping we can meet in person soon... anyway, I never would have met him if we weren't both on dA, and we would never have gotten to know each other so well if we didn't both write poetry.
I guess that's all the reasons why I love dA's literature community. It's awesome. =D

The reason I love dA's literature community is the variety of people, genres, styles, characters, culture, everything really, that you find in the group. You get everyone from visual writers to non-fiction, fiction to poetry, horror to comedy, tragedy to rebellion. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it. Outside the internet, the society we live in is so judgmental, prejudicial, stereo-typical and, as the great Marilyn Monroe once put it, ugly. Here, on the internet, and in particular this writing community, we are so much different from our outside lives. We don't care if you're black, white, Asian, gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans, non-binary, tall, short, male, female. Everyone is welcome - everyone is allowed to share their opinions and get their voice out there, unlike our oppressing world. If the outside world was like the dA Lit Community, there would be no conflict, or judgment, or stereotypes or bullying.

The reason I love the dA Lit Community is because, in short, it is a place where we find peace within harrowing tales and shocking stories - contrary to the popular saying, it is a sheep in wolf's clothing.

Firstly, congrats to the lit community! DA is such a great place to find support and I'm so glad that writers are included like this. The artwork I create is really scattered across the categories, ranging from digital work to sewing, customization, and of course literature. I always thought that would push people away, but I was entirely wrong. There are still people reaching out to lend a hand, a critique, or a pat on the back, and they follow my work even if half of my submissions aren't what they would usually watch. I think I really noticed a new sort of support when my work started to get featured in journals though, and they were being suggested as Lit Daily Deviation. I couldn't believe how supportive and selfless everyone was! That made me want to keep writing, and to pursue the projects I had abandoned. This community has shown me that my work matters, and that it's worth continuing. So it's not just the support and kindness of the lit community which makes me love it so much, but also how it drives me to pursue writing -- to overcome the critic inside myself -- and simply do what I love. Since then, I have become a Co-Founder for a group dedicated to literature so I could help give back to the community, as a thank you to all the people who have helped me so far. That cycle of learning and then helping is something that really keeps this community alive and it's wonderful that we do it with such ease. Well I guess looking at this, there are a lot of reasons to love dA's lit community. But the end, I think that the greatest is how it gives us the very confidence to write; whether we are starting, continuing, or restarting. As simple as that.

Tons of prompts.

People who leave the best comments ever.

Grimface and Thorns and Zebrazebrazebra and Halatia etc.

”my words and i used to dance alone in a closet.
then one day i peeked out through the crack of the door and saw
that there was a ballroom full of dancers.

they were waiting for me.

so i put on my best dress
and came out to dance along with all the lovely dancers
and their words. i was no longer alone.

we danced past 12 o'clock.”

i love the literature community on DA. they've helped me grow and have inspired me so much!

I love dA's list community because:

- I feel part of a big group who understands me and are driven by the same thing as me

- I can grow and learn while appreciating art

- I can help others on their creative pursuits as well

There are many reasons, of course.  But one stands out for me: I love the dA lit community because it tolerates me, mostly. And because people like you are in it. :heart:

I love the dA lit community because it has been so supportive of me and so helpful as I have improved as a writer. I particularly want to highlight LadyofGaerdon for being AMAZING and one of the most dedicated and wonderful people that I know. And angeljunkie, zebrazebrazebra, and Carmalain7 for being so delightful and among the silliest, awesomest people ever. They have all helped me in one way or another, whether its through ENDLESS features to help me get my name out, delightful, mind-bending prompts, or spectacular critiques to force me to do my best, they bring out the best in me as a writer and should all be given LIFE-TIME DA SUBSCRIPTIONS (I know it won't happen, but they deserve it :) ).

:bulletyellow: Ever since I joined deviantART nine months ago the literature community has been so kind to me and my art. I have improved immensely with my writing since I have joined and I can honestly say that if I hadn't joined deviantART my art wouldn't even be close to where it is now.

:bulletgreen: The amount of care and support some people show to my art is so heartwarming. I had never expected so much people to care about my writing and continually give me support. Being within the literature community has shown me ways in which to get my work out there and hopefully with more time I'll be at a level in my writing where I'll be comfortable enough to send it to publishing companies or magazines. The literature community is giving me confidence within my writing and I will always be grateful for that.

:bulletorange: YamiArah was the first deviant to give me a chance and by receiving a Premium Membership from her, it made me work harder since I didn't want her generosity to go to waste. Her kindness gave me faith that there were deviants who were willing to help and thanks to her I found wonderful deviants with beautiful souls like Gary-thedreamingpoet, Mrs-Freestar-Bul, CelestialMemories, intricately-ordinary, cristinewakesuphappy and autumnlit to name a few.

:bulletpurple: I owe most of my writing to IchigoNeko1997 for pushing me to write more and for all of her comments on my work. She doesn't know it but it's mainly her support that keeps me here. With the literature community being so large and there being so many sub-groups it's hard to really find your place in one spot. But having someone appreciate your work and makes you keep involved in everything to do with literature and deviantART in general is a great feeling to have.

:bulletred: By being involved in the community it has shown me how generous some people can be. By providing critiques, comments or just general support is so beautiful to see and because the literature community is smaller than most I think that's what makes it more special. The unity of written words is what I truly love about our little community.

I love DA's literary community because it's a place online where I can be a writer. I don't mean that I can't write outside of DA, I can and I do, but there are so few people in my life who understand what it is like to be a writer, and the stress that goes with it. On DA, if I don't upload for 2 months and just say 'I am having creative difficulties', people UNDERSTAND; they can relate and offer tips to improve MY writing and it improves THEIR writing. I don't have to deal with people saying 'Why is writing so hard, you are just putting words on a paper.' The literary community on DA understands; the creations we, as writers, make are never just words, they are our children in a way. We created them, we breathed life into them, we dictated their story from beginning to end, and we watched as they either faded into obscurity or blossomed into beloved works. It is wonderful to be understood.

What I love most about the lit community is the sheer amount of variety it has to offer. You can always find people who write what you love to read and people who love to read what you write. There are writers at every skill level, from beginning hobbyist to hardcore professional. We are a melting pot of awesome.

Asking a writer why they love dA literature, is almost like asking someone why the enjoy breathing. To a writer, writing is essential to live. A place like dA let's you get out everything you want to say, and get all sorts of feedback. Positive or Negative. You can just be yourself, and never fear of being judged. You can never upload personal information, and still find that people love you, and your writing, for what it simply is. They don't judge your writing because your picture is cute, or because their friends like it. You get real feedback from real people. The best part I think, is when you're a writer and in the middle of a huge writer's block, but you can sit down and spend DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS reading other people's writing, and maybe, just maybe, a few ideas spark in your brain, and before you know it you are writing until your hands hurt.

It's a place to turn to when you feel as if the whole world is against you, because no matter how you are feeling, there is always someone who can perfectly capture it with words, even if you yourself can't. There is always a place to turn, a warm shoulder to lean on, and a smile to be shared.

I believe writing truly is the number one way to get all of your emotions out. It does more than tell a story, it shows true, raw, unedited emotions. Words can guide a beautiful path to your future, but it can also take it all away in just one simple sentence.

dA Lit is a community where any race, religion, background, belief, really doesn't matter. The love for writing is shared among all of us, and the love is constantly spread around. Writing is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Hi! I love DA's Lit community because it allows people to connect through poetry, and stories. Because we can comment we help build each other up and support each other-like when someone is having a rough time.

I've made several cool friends through comments on various works. Long Live DA!:D

I think there are a lot of reasons to love the dA lit community, but some of the chief reasons -- for me at least -- are:

- Everyone readily shares resources, whether it's an article on how to become better at writing, or a journal about a new contest.  From what I've seen, people don't hoard their knowledge, and that's great.  ^^
-- People in the lit community have a strange sense of humour. XD
-- People actually interact with one another; to an extent, everyone knows everyone.  There's a real sense of community.

There are so many reasons to be completely in love with our literature community here on deviantART. We may not be the most recognized group on the site, but I think we have the most heart. A writer weaves pictures with words, implanting a little of herself or himself in every piece written. The deviants in the literature community come together brilliantly to form a very humble, helpful, and intelligent group of people. We create works that require more than just a fleeting glance. We have learned how to tuck ideas behind our words so that they are waiting to be picked apart by readers. Writing is from the soul, and our writers know how to help each other and how to share themselves with others. I love the literature community because we are always going to be brilliant, beautiful, and unique! (:

I love the lit community because, without it, I wouldn't have found the support system that I have gained. I wouldn't have met my DA friends: thorns, GrimFace242, and IrrevocableFate. I also wouldn't have found out about National Novel Writing Month.

Throughout my six years on deviantART, a lot has changed: I graduated high school, I went to college, I got published, and I'm preparing to make my way in the real world when I finish college next May. But the lit community has been there through all of it -- it has helped me grow as a writer, since without the wisdom and inspiration of so many people here, I would never have been published, let alone pursue my own interest in the publishing industry; but more than that, it has helped me grow as a person. I love the lit community most of all for the friends I have made here, individuals that I have gotten to know both on and off the site, some of whom I count among the people I know best. There is a truly endless fount of support and love among the people I've met here, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.

I love dA's literature community because it's non-judgmental.  I have put some of my deepest, darkest secrets out there without fear of reproach; I have shared very personal works without having to worry about what people will think of me.  I have bared everything to the community here and been welcomed with open arms.  There is always someone to help me through things, always someone offering a hand.  I like that closeness.  I like that I can be close with people I don't technically know by just bypassing the meaningless stuff and getting down to what really matters to all of us.  I like how that's okay here.


The big reason I have to give my homage to the lit community is, quite simply, that the written arts are a niche within a niche, and yet it's what I do best. I write, and my drawing is too limited. I only wish I had more to give, but I don't have much as is, especially being torn between school, talking to only my closest friends, and the constant struggle to just relax and get away from all that.

Sorry I don't have more for you, but I confess as I hinted above, I haven't been as active as I wanted to be, nor do I foresee that changing anytime soon. That doesn't change the fact I love you all!

Here the four main reasons why I love DA's lit community:

Inspiration, Motivation, Admiration and Acceptance

I find that there is always something to be done in the lit community. There is always a prompt or a contest to be written. There is an endless amount of work to read and comment on. I could (and have) spend hours completely entertained reading other peoples work and admiring their talent. I also really appreciate the support other deviants give. I feel like this is truly a safe place where I can share my poems. And that is definitely saying a lot because poems can often be a very personal and sometimes difficult form of art to share.

I love the group because it gives young aspiring authors. and those who do it just for fun the chance to voice out what they feel in a nice place where others can view it. Help improve. and ultimately help the writer be better and learn to take criticism. :D

The Lit Community makes me feel accepted in a way I've never felt before. People come to know me through my writing, which is the most authentic part of myself. It inspires me to keep creating, to push myself and expand my boundaries, to always be improving. I've written things I never would have without the wonderful prompts and support of the Lit Community. There's always something exciting going on. But the best thing about the Lit Community is the magnificent people here. We all understand what it is to be a writer, and how wonderful and sometimes frustrating a thing that really is. This understanding bonds us together from the outset, and our interaction just further solidifies this bond.

Plus, I can say obscure words like "solidify" and "outset" and nobody looks at me funny. :D

...because literature is surely an art form as well. Like visual art, dance, or music, literature creates a picture in the mind and leads the imagination on. Plus, what with all the different lit. communities, we can all get a nice, wide range and variety ^^.

1. They serve as a source of inspiration. First, on how to improve, and new forms that you will have never heard of XD

2. You can hear a lot of things going through the forums, including authors that you should read.

3. General advice on how to become a better writer. Through critiquing other people, and having feedback for yours.

4. For the most twisted and lovable sense of humour XD

5. It's quite entertaining to read the stories here with such a wide range of emotions and ideas expressed ;)

6. Friends love it too! (Came here because they have an account).

7. dA's Lit Community is not completely detached from the rest of dA. As a result, some of the influence of the site (ideas, photos, movements) rubs off in rather interesting ways that you can't get anywhere else.

8. Finding a new way to procrastinate.

9. Meet new people/friends who share common emotions or can relate to your situation.

10. Most of us are quite encouraging. Just the feeling of satisfaction of writing and seeing other people enjoy it is what keeps the writer going I guess XD.

The reason I love the lit community is because if you try enough, it's very easy to integrate yourself into the community. It does that effort, but it's well earned, and well reciprocated.

I also love the people inside the community. They're so friendly and giving and selfless.

I just love being a part of such a wonderful thing!

I love the dA lit community for the way it supports all writers, even the ones who are young and still improving. Everyone had to start somewhere, just about everyone's first attempt at writing was quite shocking. But of course, that doesn't mean they should stop or give up. And I think this community is great at encouraging authors who aren't so great now, because they will be one day.

:laughing: Here you go, Stephany, à la David Letterman:

10) Chats - They're not just for breakfast anymore! :hungry:

9) Word Wars - Exercising fingers and brains since 2011. :zombie:

8) Literature Forum - Because a funny thing happened on the way— oops, wrong joke. :doh:

7) Lit Groups - Every hobby deserves a home... or at least, its own gated community. :crazy:

6) Writing Prompts - Even the most beautiful snowflake starts life as a speck of dust. :snowflake:

5) Critiques - Rome wasn't built in a day. Or by incompetent hacks. :worker:

4) Contests - What's better than a prompt? One with a prize inside! :la:

3) The Lit CVs - Approachable and involved; you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar! :hexentanz:

2) We've Gone Mainstream - We're no longer marginalized... unlike the tracers and the furries. :matteo:

1) The Writing - An infinite number of monkeys can't be wrong! :typerhappy:

I love dA lit because it has the amazing Stephany. Also because everyone is so helpful and we're one of the most tightly knit groups on here.

I'm afraid my reason for loving DA's Literature Community is pretty tame, I'm very much an amateur and never had any formal training in prose or poetry but thanks to the kind and supportive attitudes of fellow DA writers I found not only the courage to keep going but continue to experiment with new ideas (New to me anyway) like Haiku's a poetry form I only encountered in school and hated.

1. Our CVs have always been top notch in my opinion (at least since I joined in 2006). They're informed, innovative, creative, helpful, and so great at including people who might otherwise be uncomfortable/afraid of the Lit Community.

2. #CRLiterature. 'Nuff Said.

3. DeviantART is like free school for those interested in improving their craft. Only better because you get more than one teacher from more than one background (often from different countries even) and all that knowledge combined can influence your writing in amazing ways. I know that I have learned far more about the craft of writing from the critiques, guides, and chats I've had here than I ever did inside a class room.

4. People like you. :tighthug:

5. The epic cake vs. pie war. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just go post a cake icon on GrimFace242's profile and a pie icon on neurotype's profile. Watch the battle ensue.

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