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Submitted on
July 19


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Sea-glass became your bones,
brine your blood, and seashells
melded into your skin.

You were not quite an ocean
when you said "This is your sign to love me."

My body was like a building;
tall, cold, almost unbreakable.
I was metallic and sharp,
towering over your waters.

I remember taking your hand in mine,
conch and coral shells scrubbing
my skyscraper wrists, and laughing
about how one day you would
submerge every last bit of me.

Your lips, riddled with argonauts,
found my cheek and I cringed
at the coarseness.

You asked if they bothered me
and I finally told you "I
think I love you."
For TheCoalMineCanary who wanted poetry or prose about "seashells". I made a promise to get to everyone who commented and I'll get to everyone if it's the last thing I do.

Fuego   + Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Sho lovely) [V2]   = :iconthecoalminecanary:

fyi: Conch, Coral, and Argonauts are all types of shells.

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whale meadowmy tongue is a ship & my
teeth are seashells with
conches for fangs, kiss me
& they'll sing in the rhythm
of ocean tides;
“oh, moby doll,
take me to the whale meadows
before my heart
becomes an anchor.”

'whale meadow' by Leukippos
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Lovely! Also, I did not know that Argonauts were a type of shell!
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