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Love dA Lit Loves You: Vol. 2

Tue Apr 15, 2014, 7:00 AM
Hello lovelies. Love dA Lit Loves you! Well, it would if it were a sentient being. In the meantime please accept my undying love.  Chili Anime Emoji (I Love Chu) [V2] by Jerikuto

I don't actually get a lot of notes / comments from people sending me news or contests, so when I do I'm super happy. Like. Super duper happy. Bear Emoji-05 (Excited) [V1] by Jerikuto And what better way to say thank you than feature those who support Love dA Lit [I will feature those that frequently comment and fave too]! Then I might surprise you and randomly feature some people just because I can. It's all about spreading the literature love! :heart:

As always I welcome suggestions for news, events, projects, groups, or contests for Love dA Lit! ♥

Love dA Lit Gives a Big Thank You To...

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Pieces            “How’s Ethan?”
            “The same.”
            “Just the same?” Jeanette is scrubbing plates at the sink. Her fingers are shaking and I know she’s just making conversation to distract herself. Who knows when she’ll be able to take a cigarette break? Out of the corner of my eye, I see Donny watching us like a hawk.
            “Yeah. He lies there and needs a machine to breathe and everything.”
            “I didn’t mean to upset you.”
HaikuWriMo.IV22. Charming
 fairytales taste like
nicotine and wine on
 Tuesday mornings
23. Looks
he looks at me like     
I've lost my fucking mind again
and maybe I have      
stars are burning love   
for you and I their fire grows
creating passion    
25. Childhood
let it roam, frolic and play
  for we grow too soon
26. Theives
rob the night with me
my love, we'll steal stars and hearts
running together
27. Fate
cosmos give the fate  
we wish we had courage to
steal for ourselves   
28. OVER!
it's over, really over
leaping with joy - HaikuWriMo
it's over now!
XXIII think i too have known
autumn too long
The pale moon, 
dimpled and lonely
in the widening 
familiar as the dying
leaves ;
this year 
autumn will fall 
   into winter 
(and i to you)
LifeI am a killer at heart.
They say a slow death is the best death. I must admit it is fitting if you are into torture on the side, but I have to say I do not care if the killing is fast or slow. It just happens to be slow every single time.
You should know that I do not kill in a way that is obvious. If you want to find me, you can not, though I gift something to every person (I kill... for your pleasure).
I want them to feel what I feel.
That is what humanity is. It is about relating to others and getting them to sympathise, or empathise, because, deep down, we crave it. We crave the knowledge that we are not alone in this god. forsaken. world.
It may come as a surprise, but it works.
It works so well that I kill them.
In the end.
A New Way of LifeAurora pulled the sniper rifle off of her back and put her eye to the scope, closing her right eye which she couldn't look through the scope with. Off in the distance there were moving figures, she could see that much without the scope. With the scope she was able to see that these people were raiders. Raiders had destroyed her city and killed almost everyone that she had ever known. Her mother and herself, along with one of their friends was able to escape with just the clothes on their back and a few of the weapons that had been in the city. The Raiders had undoubtedly gotten most of the supplies. They'd only been able to take what they could carry at the time.
The raiders were looking through old cars that had been on the surface for many years, their colors were bleached away by the sun, most of the interiors had been stripped away from previous scavengers or destroyed by the wildlife, and anything breakable had already been broken. Unlike the area where Aurora had grown up, it was

Scratching at My Chamber DoorClaws in the carpet at odd hours
Shavings of wood from the floor
Waking me or shaking me
Or interrupting the movie
It's not always about food
(Though we'll have that too, thanks)
Something is amiss and
You want to tell me, I know
My cats are perhaps very selfish
Or keeping a rein on my misery
What do you know that I don't?
This Year Will Be DifferentThe problem with some resolutions is that, inevitably, you forget why you made them. Thirty miles into a thirty-eight mile drive, confidence at a fever pitch from successfully navigating the wind and snow in your front-wheel-drive four-door sedan, resolving to drive like a paranoid bitch at the slightest whiff of weather seems, well, paranoid.
So you decide to show the road who's boss. Coasting behind the idiot in front of you, left tire treading low because fixing it seems like too much trouble in this weather, you find that you are not the danger. The lowered friction coefficient of that cold, cold snow on your flailing rear tires is the danger, and hitting the brakes and swearing are not experimentally valid techniques to make Newton's Laws fuck off. The horrible voice of reason calls you a dumbass before going on to mutter claptrap about how much worse things could be.
There is no adrenalin rush of a near-death experience, and the only damage is the hulking purple bruise on your eg
The Lady in the Blue DressEllie hadn't seen her come in. Hadn't heard the tell-tale jingle of the entry bell over the diner door either.
"She must have come in behind the two rednecks." she surmised and, grabbing her order pad from behind the counter, made her way over to the woman's table.
Ellie flashed her a quick smile along with her standard greeting. "Evening Ma'am. What can I get you?"
The woman looked up and Ellie was instantly mesmerized by the most dazzling blue eyes she'd ever seen. The rest of the woman's features suddenly came in to sharper focus, as though Ellie were seeing her for the first time. The woman's hair was jet-black and styled in a wispy-pixie cut that framed her high cheekbones and tapered chin. Her almond-shaped eyes peered out from beneath perfectly layered bangs; her thin nose ending in a cherub-snub above full, ruby-red lips. 
The woman returned Ellie's smile, flashing the pearliest of white teeth. "Do you mind if I take a few more minutes? I'm waiting for somebody
Mad DestroyerLanding on the shores of Tokyo Eitna looked about her. She felt dizzy. Her eyes felt odd, kinda hurt a little. She took in the sites and sounds of the docks. Her stomach turned she felt ill. The land and water about her was polluted and screaming out in pain. She found a place to touch the ground and find out what this bit of earth wanted.
She saw it's dream. The dream of how it once looked. Clean and pristine, no more polluting people only the original animals that once lived, loved and had babies where once again living on the land.
She also felt another presence stir within her. The other presence was still asleep Eitna could tell. She did not know who the other rider was. She only knew that her Master said to start here and go there. So that was what she was doing.
Of course the Master also wanted death.
Eitna looked blindly around her, an evil smile appeared on her face was chilling and full of madness. She placed her hand on the ground and began to chant. The language was unknown
HaikuWriMo - Bonemealfamily dinners
continue after burial

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