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Thu Aug 21, 2014, 7:36 PM

God of WarI took a lover who looked at me like I might have conquered him. Like I had cracked open the sky and drank out all the light. He looked broken, too sad to give a fuck.
Before he met me, he had been a king. Before he met me, he would bring girls out of the window to his bedroom and onto the roof. He would point out constellations and spin stories for them. Then he would bring them back in and have sex with them while the stars were in their eyes.
He should have kept his distance from me.
The night he took me to his roof, he told me he had been born under the sign of Leo, the regal symbol of the zodiac. After asking me my sign, he told me that we were a perfect match, Leo and Aries. I laughed, saying he reminded me of a different king in the sky, Cepheus. My answer to his asking of why should have been an omen.
“You are Cepheus, with your arms raised, begging the gods to spare your precious Andromeda.”
“Who does that make you? Andromeda?”
“The gods.”
The History of StarlightHere, in the darkness of a cloudless night and on the crest of a hill, Máküs stands beside the most welcome of familiar strangers.  There is a thunderous silence beneath the throbbing surge of blood in his ears.  It is muggy and still: a mosquito night.  He feels the dampness of sweat trapped beneath his shirt, and he blushes at the threat of revelation in it.  There are ways, he has heard, to read the presence of pheromones in human sweat, and he wonders—now—if telepathy is simply a matter of recognizing the language of odor.
He wonders—
—if lust can be named in the mingled redolence of sweat, cigarette smoke, and wine consumed in a cellar bar more than twenty narrow steps beneath Vodičková Street.
Can Nathaniel—standing so close to him on the ruined, crumbling base of a dead statue’s pedestal—smell the lightning-bolt surge of amatory turbulence burning through Máküs
constellationsShe travels between worlds as others travel between sunflower fields; cords joining two fish, knotted together, and maybe you can see them, if you squint - (the brightest of those stars is fourth magnitude, so better get your telescope, and better know where to look, if you're searching for those specific pinpoints of concentrated light) - and when the sun transits the area from three hundred thirty to three hundred sixty degrees, that's when the dreamers are said to be born.
Spring children, with big eyes, and declared sensitive souls. And so I am a spring child, with small hands full of dreams and many more unspoken words.
The last of the signs is about harmony and swimming on, eternally attracted to the endless blue horizon, Neptune's loyal subject. Have you met her? No, and neither have I - but I imagine her hair to flow like waves and her hands to be the cooling pools whose touch invites you to rest. Two fish said to have transformed (Aphrodite and Eros, or Venus and Cupid, anyway
Ruminations on a Fallen Star, Not Yet Fallen    A priori:
Though I am not in love yet, I will be.
I remember how our eyes will meet;
you will see the green stars in my eyes for what they are.
I am afraid.
1. I am star-crossed, tattooed and traversed;
my clumsy limbs build a bridge of my belly
for the constellations to write their paths onto my pounding heart.
Some days these star charts are a chain link fence across my body
and on others—I can trace your name in the lines between my stars,
not the name you bear now but the true one I have always known,
the one that is for me.
2. Nostalgia is always poetic, but the blood memories
are harder to pinpoint; they do not catch like butterflies.
We cannot feel their feathered scales, their veined wings
just their violence against the insides of our veins,
the strength they give us, the gods they hope to make of us—
cruor vult, and I may only hope to survive their frantic seas.
3. I have never been so aware of all the muscles in my neck,
of the way my
The Sky BullEuropa, most beautiful: even in dreams you are fought for.
Asia says she is your mother,
the other land is a stranger
and she plies you with fame.
She says she will take your name.
It is over. She has already won.
He has spied you.
Fate rides swiftly. Can you hear the hoof beats?
Can you feel them shake the earth as they ride through morning?
Fronti nulla fides.
You garland the head of a lie in wild roses and narcissus. You marvel and caress the coat of purest white mockery, then boldly mount it's back. Europa, this is no stray bull in your meadow, nor is he gentle or tame.
Across the ocean he flies, bounding tirelessly over waves while you scream and hold white-knuckle tight to his golden horns. Sea gods and merry Nereids frolic beside you as you plead for your life, but it is Zeus that has stolen you away.
Fear, for it is not your life that he wants. Cast your beauty into the sea; let it slip away. Sacrifice it to Aphrodite, or fair Persephone, but keep none for yourself. Beau
I am the EverybodyNot the sun--have dawdled in the outside darkness,
discerning the Big Dipper and its bowl's guiding line
to Polaris. Everything else is foreign, an ebon map
with pinpoints of cities and near unpronounceable names:
Adhafera, Algieba, Denebola, Regulus--cultures uttered
in divination's two-toned newsprint dialect.
Then comes the thought of what if: life circulating them
as it does here, and if their soundless gap
can challenge the record between each human life:
the files of our moving lines on damaged roads, at work
and its day-to-day redundancy, the bits of information
we've become online: nothing but ones and zeroes. Even I
cannot find Leo and its heart of galaxies, the ruling sun
finally rising as I attempt sleep through its hindering light,
when it dawns on me as appropriate: unus multorum,
creativity's inhibition--an over-tasting, a dilution.
I am a lion among lions, a major and minor
against the unknowns of every other constellation,
the unknown of each smile in passing, th

Slowly getting back to all my messages. :eager:

Still doing this: Ask Me Anything!

Also, I totally had to show off my new hoodie:

Are you participating in doughboycafe's workshop? No? FOR SHAME.

The-Golden-Knight is doing a stream this Saturday, the 23rd, and you should go make a new friend. :D

So I was tagged like...three times while I was away.

  1. You must post these rules.
  2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
  3. Answer 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions that people you tag will answer.
  4. Choose 10 people + put their icons on your journal.
  5. Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED!
  6. Not something silly like: 'you are tagged you read this.'
  7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
  8. No tag-backs.
  9. Can't say, no tags.
  10. Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry.

10 Things about me:
1. I have an slight obsession with ice cream.
2. All my older Pokemon games and Nintendo game systems are kept in a Lisa Frank case thing.
3. I had a fun skype call with RainbowMonkeh and DrippingWords where we played the Pokemon drinking game and then proceeded to seduce each other with horrible, horrible pick up lines that you should never, ever, ever use.
4. I believe poptarts are delicious.
5. Not as delicious as ice cream.
6. I haven't had my "own" room in 14 years due to various circumstances.:P I have a room specifically for my things, but it's not where I sleep. :C
7. I adore reminding people they are loved and cared for.
8. Sticky notes are super rad, I want more.
9. I learned how to fold paper cranes and always meant to fold a bunch, but never did. :V
10. I need to binge watch Season 3 of Korra.

5 Things About Me:
1. I wanna be the very best.
2. Like no one ever was.
3. To catch them is my real quest.
4. To train them is my cause.
5. I kind of like Pokemon.

10 More Things About Me:
1. I have the bestestestest friend in the world. (RainbowMonkeh)
2. I recently cleaned my desk because I am a slacker and didn't do that for a while.
3. I really need to get back on track and do my CV stuffs. I am being a super slacker, I am sorry, my lovelies. ♥
4. I don't know how to drive.
5. Not having a car for 4+ years has contributed to this.
6. My house on Minecraft, crafted by Bestest Friend, is AWESOME. LIKE TOTES AWESOME.
7. BMO is one of my favorite television characters.
8. I love puns. Really, really, really bad ones.
9. My favorite thing to do on vacation is go to the beach!
10. I'm boring.

Questions from...
1. What anime/manga/comic/television character do you most resemble?
I've never had anyone say "You look like _____." So I don't know. D:

2. What character are you most like by personality?
Belldandy, according to Bestest Friend!

3. What kind of alternate universe would you like to live in?
Doctor Who Universe!

4. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Panda or sloth.

5. What would be your ultimate pokemon team?

6. If a genie offered you three wishes, but you knew the genie would try to twist those wishes to kill you, what would you do?
I would not wish for anything, except for maybe a way to destroy the lamp so that no one else would get hurt. Even if that means the genie would require me to sacrifice myself.

7. What was the last good book you read?
:blush: To be honest it's been a while since I've read a book, I know, shameful, but no car means no library. :C I am also horrible at remembering things.

8. If you had to describe your life in six words, what words would you use?
Blessed, difficult, erratic, interesting, educational, and beautiful.

9. What is your favorite game?
Right now it's Pokemon, but the series Dynasty Warriors eclipses that every so often.

10. Why did you join deviantArt?
To look at art and post my writing. Exciting, I know. :la:

1. What's your favorite type of bird?
Hawks, we actually have some that live not too far from us and every year they have babies and it's so cool to watch them. :eager:

2. Do you like to read?
I love to read!

3. Sci-fi or fantasy?
Oh, tough one. I have to go fantasy though.

4. My questions are boring, aren't they?
Nope! :D

5. Want some cake?

1. What's your favorite TV show?
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers because campy and cheesiness abound.

2. If you could be any animal, what would it be? Why?
Panda or sloth because they get to be super lazy and stuff.

3. What's the craziest dream you've ever had?
I have many crazy dreams.

4. Favorite food?

5. What's the worst piece of fiction you've ever read? Why?
I can't remember the name of it, I've blocked it out, but it was terrible. Poor writing, spelling errors, plot holes, you name a problem it had it.

6. Pizza or hot dog?

7. What's your major/intended major? Why'd you pick it?
Library Science, because I want to become a librarian and books. All the books. Alllllllllll of them.

8. What's your greatest accomplishment here on dA?
Love dA Lit, hands down.

9. Ever had a pen pal?
Yes, I've had a few! <3

10. If you could conquer any place in the world, what would it be?


A Few Things To Support

:iconlitplease: :icondalinksystem: :iconprojectdfc: :iconthewrittenrevolution: :iconexpose-lit: :iconcrliterature: :iconwordwars: :iconburdenedhearts: :iconauthors-club: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconpostrevival:

Goals / To Do List
:star: Critiques for ProjectDFC 3/4
:star: Collaborations 2/4
:star: Something showing my complete (and endless) love for TheFulkrum.
:star: A description of master's tardis control room farsh-nuke
:star:Full Goals and To Do List [mainly for myself]

skin by neurotype

You're incredible.

Thu Aug 14, 2014, 6:21 PM


I'm back from vacation now!

I had a fabulous time relaxing, eating tons of ice cream, going to the beach, eating too much unhealthy food, building legos, playing Pokemon, I got to met the super stunning NamelessShe and the absolutely fantastic wreckling [who will both see me again next year!], and enjoyed the company of my boyfriend.

10/10 Would recommend.

I will now be working on my backlog of messages. I'll also be starting up Love dA Lit on the 24th as I deleted quite a few journals from this week. >.>

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, they were absolutely wonderful to get and made my day that much brighter. [I did read them on my birthday, but didn't respond because whoa, so many and vacation tiem. ♥] Special thanks to chromeantennae who made the most adorable birthday video for me, Medoriko for the lovely journal, pixiepot for the poll shoutout, and creativemikey for the wonderful gift.

p e r p e t u a l by creativemikey

Now for some pictures.

My (early) birthday party:

My favortiest new shirt:

Of the beach where I got a beautiful sunburn [and shouted out to  SadisticIceCream and Permanent-Insanity]:

A picture of my boyfriend and then one of me:

skin by neurotype


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United States


Thank you.


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I have an observation and a comment. I think together, with a little glue, they give a little perspective.

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In the real world, my personality is effectively 100 ft big and well received. Someone sees me, we talk, for the most part, they never forget me, and don't want to. Here, I have no idea how I'm perceived. no matter, though. I try hard.

Here (the comparison), you; other CV's, the LIT staff have that same personality. And you each get as much done as any 20 people. Or more.

The comment: You have to have lots of help. I know I do in the real world. Part of what I am outside of here is just my personality, but I have people who help me.

Now, the glue: we, those like me who are just in the community, and nothing special; we are what helps you. we have to be; there is no one else. I know this because in the real world, it is often the very people I am speaking to who help them remember me, and want to be remembered.

So, here's the perspective. We get out of you only what we give you, but if each of us gives a little; only what a person can do and no more, we will see it come back as, well, 100 times what we give you, because there's a bunch of us giving you each a little bit.

So, what do you think? Worth repeating? Something everyone in LIT needs to be reminded of now and again? Personally, I think so, but; but I've certainly been wrong before.

here then: I said it; use it as you will, if you will. If not; well, just ignore it. I'm okay with that, too.
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