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Happy 259th Day of 2014!

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 3:48 AM

Hello, you gorgeous beings. :heart:

Due to dA being down for like 2 and 1/2 days, my inbox is overwhelming. I've had to delete all deviations and I'm working on the backlog of comments, replies, and activity messages. So if I haven't gotten to your comment. reply, or note yet, it's because of that. If it's really urgent send me another note please!

I'm beyond words with how well-received mine and DreamingAutumn's contest has been going. We've already gotten a handful of entries! I really can't wait read everything. ♥ I'm also touched by all the attention I received on my deviation When Stars Collapse, I'm honored by all the comments and favorites, I will get to you all, but it'll take some time. I have other dA priorities to deal with first. c:

If you have anything you'd like me to read[deviation wise], please comment below, I can't promise a comment, but I want to read it or at least put it on my to-read list! :eyes:

Also, sorry about no Love dA Lit [if you noticed], but since dA would barely load I couldn't get the article together. :C It'll be back again next week though! ♥

Hook, Line and SinkerI dreamt of a girl beyond the water. Above the green glass sea, she dangled her feet, threw out her gaze to ripple along the surface, and waited. Her words fell like fishing lines, diving and cutting through the mosaics of blues and greens, slipping under my skin as hooks. Her tongue was a reel, tugging me faintly upwards, flying through fluid blurs and crashing into a planisphere of ivory laced clouds, golden sands, a pair of mahogany eyes. It’s funny, how falling in love with her was just like drowning in air, feeling gills shiver and water drip, the distant cries of seagulls reminding me how vulnerable I am this side of the glass. Falling in love with her was just like leaping upstream, tumbling into the dark branches of mangrove trees and seeing their roots, my branches, splinter through the horizon.
And she embraced me like a fishing net, fingers coarse as rope. Between her tightly circled arms, I saw squares of the night sky, slivers of stars and somehow I could almost conv
Beach Ball with a BubbleBeach Ball with a Bubble
Butterflies spin out of cruise control as they hover above the flowers marking the end of the path. The odd lazy monarch spirals dizzily over the heated sand catching a wave or two before coming back to the flowered shore.
Out on the beach the ants get lost among the grains until their ticklish feet touch tired toes. Mainly they are ignored; left to do their own business and go about their way, lost to any world but their own.
Close to the shore where the air mixes a boy blows bubbles; soap spiralling sluggishly from the wand. Surfing monarchs mingle with whimsical bubbly balls that drift out of control on the heat only to pop when pushed against air pressure. Those closer to the ground gently touch ant-feet before lifting towards the sky again.
Bubbles spiral forth from the wishing wand as waves suck the earth from beneath the boy’s feet. Butterflies bounce off the glistening balls, ants waving them lazily along.
In the war of the w
The NecklaceI rested my arms and head on the boat railing, trying not to get sick. The waves were rougher than an offroad drive.
Keep your eye on land, dad said. But God tilted the horizon back and forth, as if a pinball game was being played. Puerto Vallarta lit up and distant cars turned on their headlights. I could see club and bar signs from here.
We were going back to tourist central. A few jet skis were still out and a couple passed by. I watched some muscleman smiling in his moment of rented freedom. Then the cornrowed American girl behind him opened her vest and flashed me.
Covering my blushed face, I got up and walked over to the helm. The orange sky marked the end of our fishing run and we were on our way back with a full haul. My dad chuckled, “Get a free show did you?”
I looked down at the half-dry floor, “You saw that?”
“Those were fake.”
“What? Summer is like a 3-month spring break here. Besides, I only like the real

Doodle World Comic Collab?I want to take my doodle world comic thing and make it kind of a group project! Would anyone be interested?
Like with storyboarding and idea pitching and joint comics and maybe different people drawing different pages or panels? idk

Actual concrete decided facts:
Five is Genderqueer
Four and Five are dating
Six is Five's older sister
One is blind
Two and Ten both have a crush on one another
Ten is an FtM trans dude
Three is Two's little brother
Fourteen is an MtF trans girl,
Fifteen and Sixteen are girlfriends,
Eighteen is an asexual Japanese punk
Nineteen is a witch!
Eight is a boy who just prefers femme clothing
Seven is very 'free love' and sexually comfortable/active
Characters with pupils can always see ghosts, characters without pupils can only see them if they make themselves visible.
Aside from that, everything is p much up for grabs, you could give ideas, make some extra cha

Doodle World Comic Collab


In case you have a question you want to ask me or maybe you want a letter I'm still doing these:

Ask Me Anything!


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Goals / To Do List
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:star: A lit tag for farsh-nuke
:star:Full Goals and To Do List [mainly for myself]


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