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Thirty Years

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 28, 2015, 2:19 PM

DA Lit: A Retrospective | Lit Contests | CRLiterature

Today is my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary. I usually don't talk about my family, or personal life in general. However, since 30 years is a large milestone and I mentioned their 25th I figured I should probably say something. :P

Thirty years is a rather long time to be together with someone, to live with them, to experience sadness, happiness, anger, and contentment with another person. I often emulate my parents relationship, it has never been perfect, but that is what makes it work. They both know they have flaws, but they don't let that solely define who they are as people. They also realize that they both make mistakes and learn from them (though maybe my dad needs to repeat mistakes to get it, but he's ancient so we'll let that slide ;P).

My dad has not been very lucky in love and this anniversary becomes more poignant for him because he was married twice before meeting, and eventually marrying, my mom. Then even more so when I remember that he was still very new to the United States and spoke limited English when they first met. That is a cute story as well, but I'll leave that for another time.

My mom and I were joking about this earlier that my dad isn't romantic at all. Though you would think a person who went on to become a florist would at least manage flowers for special occasions, but 95% of the time he doesn't. To be fair he did get her a very lovely ring this year so he gets points for that. :giggle:

Reflecting on their time together(not only this year, but past years as well) has made me wonder if I will ever reach such a milestone in my own relationship as it is very hard for me to think of myself that far along in my life. I struggle with what I will do within the next six months, let alone something that is 20+ years away. I used to be afraid of being alone and that no one would ever love me like my parents love each other or for as long as they have, but this no longer scares me.

Part of that is probably because I've been in a relationship for almost 7 years now, but it's more because I've come to accept that I need to be at peace with myself and that being in love is truly wonderful, but it isn't the only thing there is to life. Sometimes we find a person to romantically spend our lives with, sometimes we don't. They do not negate each other - finding love does not equate to "happiness" nor does not finding it make us any less of a person.

Look at this masterpiece neurotype drew me:

Untitled Drawing by neurotype

They are insanely happy while playing leap frog. :')

If Chocolate Could Cure CancerIf Chocolate Could Cure Cancer
If chocolate could cure cancer, oh how rich I’d be.
I’d buy it and disperse it for all the world to see
How great a person I am, how kind and how sincere;
“She’s sharing with the world, love. Oh isn’t she a dear”.
If chocolate could cure cancer, oh what would it be like,
To eat several bars in succession knowing it’s adding to my life.
I’d be rounder than a grapefruit and bigger than a ball,
‘Cos if chocolate could cure cancer I wouldn’t exercise at all.

MagicalJoey is adorable. We chat a lot on skype now, so you could say things are pretty serious.

FREE Power Rangers Divider by happy-gurl

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